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Years 7-11 students: School re-opens on the 2nd September at 8.35am.
Year 12 students: term starts on Wednesday 3rd September

Recent Announcements/Letters
GCSE Results 2014 GCSE Results
'Well done to our Year 11 students on their GCSE results. We saw record numbers of students...
A Level Results 2014 A Level Results
We are extremely pleased to report that our A level results are the best the school has achieved over the last 5 years...

Uganda Project
July 2014 will see Calder VI’s seventh visit to Uganda supporting good causes...

Whole School: Uniform Letter

Year 6:
Transition Information (Updated)

Year 8 & 9: Spain Trip 2015

Year 11: Careers

KS4 English: Recommended reading list


Action points for students following tracking

Can you help?
We are always pleased to hear from parents who are keen to volunteer to support us in our work.

This could include: 

  • Help during Tutor time with extra lessons that we run;
  • Help during lesson time to support students with their learning;
  • Help with extra activities such as trips and visits;
  • Help with fundraising work and building even stronger community work;

If you have an idea about how you could help, please contact

Adverse weather plan: Letter from Mr Anthony Guise outlining the school's plans in case of closure. Information on the school's procedures are also available here.

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