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Summer school 2016
Calder High School is running its annual Summer School from Monday 22 August – Friday 26 August 2016 for all students who will be joining us in Year 7 in September 2016. There is a very exciting programme planned, which can be viewed in the attached brochure. Our programme is designed to interest and inspire our students and continue a really smooth transition between primary and secondary school.
Despite the government withdrawing all funding for School to run Summer Schools, we feel that it is an important experience for students to support their transition to High School life and to prepare them for September. Calder High School has tried to keep costs to a minimum without damaging the quality of provision offered in previous years. Full details of the cost will be included in a letter which will be posted directly to students home addresses.
Please keep an eye out for further updated on the school website, or follow us @chs_transition.


Good Reads - Mr Middleton
Mr Middleton delivered an atmospheric Good Read. He read extracts from Dracula by Bram Stoker and explained some of the background with a powerpoint.  Fascinating stuff that was cut short by the bell.


News from the LRC

We are entering a national literary competition for schools. The task is to answer as creatively as possible 'Where does your reading take you?' This is our entry:

Good Reads - Ms Elam
On Friday Ms Elam treated us to wonderfully descriptive extracts from Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake. She brought the descriptions to life and relished the fact that nothing had happened by page 21.
Titus Groan is book 1 of the classic Gormenghast trilogy. All 3 books are available in the LRC


Congratulations Alastair
Alastair Wilson 7YD is the first winner of the 100% attendance Draw. Each half term all pupils with 100% attendance are entered into a prize draw and a name selected at random to receive a £10 love to shop voucher

Open Evening

Good Reads - Miss Hartley
Miss Hartley began today's Good Reads by telling us that her real name was Miss Hedgehog. She shared anecdotes with students about these lovely creatures  and read a few passages (some sad, some funny) from 'A Prickly Affair: My Life with Hedgehogs' by Hugh Warwick. A copy of the book is available from the LRC. Many thanks to Miss Hartley alias Hedgehog for sharing one of her passions.


Good Reads - Miss Khan
Miss Khan treated us to several passages from Rani and Sukh by Bali Rai. Students were so gripped that they took copies of the book out immediately afterwards.


Good Reads - Mrs Willshaw
There were many gasps and sniggers as Mrs Willshaw read extracts from Bumface by Morris Gleitzman. Thank you very much Mrs Willshaw for giving us all a laugh. There are copies of the book in the LRC for those who want to find out what happens in the end.


Congratulations Zeba!

Zeba Javed in Year 11 ended her half term by winning the iPad Mini raffle.
Zeba bought two tickets for the raffle, one for herself and one for a friend, and could not believe she had won!
Miss Hartley, seen here presenting Zeba with her new iPad, spent around 10 minutes trying to convince Zeba that her ticket had been picked out!
The raffle raised well over £200 towards the Calder VI Overseas Project to take place in summer 2015.
Thank you to all those who bought tickets.  What a lovely way to start May half term.
Have a great break!

Good Reads - Mr Croft

What a fantastic performance by Mr Croft. He enthralled us with his account and then reading of Un Lun Dun by China Mieville. Copies available from the LRC. Many thanks Mr Croft.


Leading Parent Partnership Award

On Wednesday 29 April 2015 Calder High School was awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award.  We are the first secondary school in Calderdale to achieve the award and are very proud to do so.

Although as a community we have been working towards the award since November 2012 we have not spent that time working in vain.  Throughout the process we have stressed that we were using the framework of the award to build meaningful and lasting relationships between the school, parents and the community as a whole – something that was organic and sustainable.

Throughout the process, the Parental Engagement A Calder High (PEACH), have been involved in the putting together of evidence and providing feedback on communication and other key issues important to parents. The portfolio of evidence is a very interesting reflection of the work we have developed since 2012. 

Some of the collaborative initiatives have been the introduction of Miss Starling, the Attendance Officer, to improve attendance at the school and work with parents and supporting them.  In support of her work we also provide information for parents to show how absences from school add up to many learning days are lost throughout a year.  This clearly impacts on progress and achievement.  Miss Starling then works with families to ensure that attendance improves. We currently have the highest attendance the school has seen in the last 4 years.

Another initiative has been the Parents as Partners events. These sessions were highlighted as a strength of the work we do in supporting parents and their children to learn together.  We demonstrated how, since the first event, we have developed them through parental feedback. This has enabled more parents and students to feel comfortable learning and supporting, together, as a family.  Recently, the Science Department hosted an Parents as Partner event for Years 10 and 11. Nearly two hundred parents attended both events which supported parents and students being able to engage and experience hands on opportunities in Calder VI. 

The award lasts for three years and we are already planning further events which we intend to locate outside the school boundary in Hebden Bridge, Dodnaze and King Cross.  We fully intend to continue with this very important work and value contributions from parents. Calder High School would like to extend its thanks for the support from all its families and the community to create a strong and useful partnership.

Thank you for your help and support, together “we are Calder”.


On Wednesday 18th March Gemma from Zoolab treated us to a guided tour of evolution through her animals. We saw a variety of animals that included a giant African land snail, a corn snake, a cockroach, tree frog, millipede, rat and a lizard. Our students were very brave. Some touched the animals and some students were even brave enough to hold the animals. Our students impressed the Zoolab staff with their behaviour and gentle treatment of the animals. A brilliant day!

Eclipse – 20th March at Calder High

Some students were very lucky today as they were taken outside to view the eclipse for themselves during period 1. They tried their pinhole cameras out with varying success rates. Some people used filters to view the phenomenon too.
The maximum coverage of the sun took place around 9.35am. It felt very strange as the amount of light got less and less. There were many different words used to describe the moment ‘eerie’, ‘calm’, ‘spooky’ and ‘surreal’ were just a few we heard.
Many thanks to Miss Rath for capturing the moments on her camera so we could all share them. She is officially an honorary scientist.


British Science and Engineering Week

Science week at Calder High was launched with a BANG as students from all year groups experienced the STARCHASER UK – Cosmic Chemistry Science Show on Friday 13th March.
We were treated to an explanation of some of the phenomenon in space such as what comets are made of, solar cycles, formation of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and how stars produce lots of energy through nuclear fusion.
The demonstrations and activities involved some of our students. The volunteers wore safety goggles and ear defenders to set fire to a hydrogen balloon and set fire to a rocket containing a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. The balloon gave a massive bang that shocked everyone and the rocket soared up to the top corner of the theatre – it might have hit the wall and roof (don’t tell Mr Guise).
The presenter Mr Bennett also made plasma in a microwave (not to be tried at home) and he used dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide at -78oC) and other elements to make a comet.
Our students were so fabulous that Mr Bennett has invited us to take some students to his next rocket launch in June.  Very exciting!


Good Reads - Mrs Smith
Miss Smith gave a theatrical rendition of an extract from Lord of the Flies by William Golding as part of the ‘Good Reads’ Series in the LRC. The audience was enthralled.


World Book Day 2015

was celebrated at Calder High with a 10 minute read during registration for 4 charities: ReadWell, CLIC Sargent, Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity and Together For Short Lives. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here are the prizewinning photos.

Ski trip 2015
After a busy term at Calder High School 32 students and five staff boarded the coach to Austria on Friday 13th February 2015.  Mr Guise came down to Calder VI at 12.30 to wish us a good trip and as we all put on our Sapphire Blue CHS 2015 Ski hoodies, we waved goodbye to Calderdale for one week!  Our coach journey was long and we collected two of our ski instructors along the way, who enjoyed our singing and Jack Holmes’ whistling throughout the journey.
We arrived in Imst, Austria at about 5.30pm on Saturday night, sorted our hotel rooms and got skis, boots and helmets fitted for our busy week of ski!  The weather was amazing all week, sunny each day, helping bring out some healthy freckles and impressive ski goggle tans!  The instructors pushed students and encouraged them to become confident beginners and well trained intermediates and advanced on the slopes.  With many laughs along the way all students and staff had a great time!
Each night we had a new activity from bowling to movie night alongside the famous CHS marble competition.  ‘Standrings Smashers’ took the overall winners prize this year, with many marbles won for acts of kindness, improved ski and funny moments!  Awards night was a busy evening, our ski instructors gave out individual certificates and the CHS staff provided the more light hearted awards.  Skier of the week went to Gemma Johnson; she followed the advanced instructor down some seriously tough pistes!  Snow Queen was awarded to Molly Hudson who in her own words was ‘upgraded’ to the advanced group and mustered on even with sore toes all week, a very graceful skier!  Snow King went to Jari Bunard who improved across the board; he really suits the snow lifestyle and enjoyed the live music each day at lunch on the slopes!
We had a couple of bumps along the way but all came home in one group! We wish Olivia and Junaid a speedy recovery and hope they have fond memories of our 2015 Ski Trip.  We can’t wait for next year!


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Good Reads - Mr Johnson
Mr Johnson gives an inspiring rendition of Sir Ranulph Fiennes: Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know .


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Good Reads - Mr Guise
Mr Guise reads ‘The Moonstone’ by Wilkie Collins. A rendition full of giusto. Thanks Mr Guise. Next is Mr Johnson on Friday 6th February 1235 in the LRC. All welcome, not just boys.


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Boys Into Books - Mr Kenworthy
Mr Kenworthy in action, reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams in the LRC as part of the ‘Boys into Books’ Series. Thanks to Mr Kenworthy for his entertaining rendition of a couple of chapters of Gangsta Granny – noises an’ all…. Every 1st Friday of the month a  teacher reads in the LRC at lunchtime. Next person on the block is Mr Guise, Headteacher Friday 9th January 1235pm. ALL welcome – not just boys !


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Boys Into Books - Mr Taylor
Boys into Books. A new monthly series of ‘Boys into Books’ has started in the LRC. First Friday of every month at lunchtime a member of staff will read something they love. Mr Taylor kicked off the series to a big appreciative crowd. All welcome.


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Summer School
Calder High School is running a Summer School from Monday 18 August – Friday 22 August 2014 for students who will be joining us in Year 7 in September.

There is a very exciting programme planned, which is attached. Our programme is designed to interest and inspire our students and continue a really smooth transition between primary and secondary school.

Letters have been mailed home to all prospective students this week. Please complete and return the attached reply slip in the envelope provided by 4 July 2014. More information will be forwarded later on.  In the meantime, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs C Baird or Mr L Dobson (Summer School Coordinators).

Coffee and Cake at Calder
The morning of Friday 21 March enabled parents to get together over a drink and a nibble to discuss life at Calder High School.

Compliments and concerns were shared and a range of queries were answered by staff present.

A date for your diary?  The next such event takes place from 10.15am – 11.45am on the morning of Tuesday 17 June.

Hope you will be able to join us.

World book day 2014

Calder High celebrated World Book Day with year 7 students participating in a inter form quiz on books and films such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Miss Rath the assistant Year Achievement Leader was the quizmaster and eight teams took part.  The teams were well supported by students in their form, and Miss Rath did a great job keeping the event lively to ensure that  it was an enjoyable experience for all.
Congratulations to 7XA who came first with 12 points, and 7YA who came second with 6 points, and well done to everyone who took part. 
All students in Year 7 and 8 were given the World Book Day book vouchers that can be exchanged for one of the published £1.00 books.
Miss Boxwell’s year 10 students were also involved in World Book Day as they watched The Biggest Book Show on Earth hosted by Dick and Dom where they listened to various authors talk about how they get their ideas and they gave tips on how to set the scene, develop a character to write a good story. The students thoroughly enjoyed this and used the advice to develop their own characters for their creative writing piece.

Partners in Reading
On Tuesday 6th January, a group of nearly 20 parents of children at Calder High School attended school themselves for the day. They gave up their time to become trained as Reading Mentors for some of our Year Seven and Eight students.

Calder High, working with the charity Reading Matters, has recognized the huge benefit that students receive from reading with an adult other than their classroom teacher. Students often make very significant progress following this kind of extra support and intervention. Without this help, some students can risk falling further behind in their reading, with obvious implications for later life.

The training session was delivered by Rachel Kelly, Chief Executive of Reading Matters. Two students from Calder VI, Hannah Menzies and Elliott Bolton, were also present to join the list of Sixth Formers who work with our younger students.

During the training, parents worked on various tasks designed to enable them to understand some of the difficulties faced by students when it comes to reading. Other activities offered practical strategies for building confidence in reading with student partners.

Calder High School is grateful for the financial support of Sweet and Maxwell which has enabled this extra provision to take place. The benefit will be felt by parents and students in the months and years to come.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme was re-launched at Calder High on the 26th November for Year 10 students. The evening started with two fantastic presentations from two groups of students who have recently completed their Bronze or Silver Awards.  These can be viewed below.  The new Award scheme is being offered to all Year 10 students.  The accompanying power-point explains the programme.  Any students interested should collect and return a registration form from Mr Ainley.  The cost for completing the Award is £50 (including registration fee) and this is explained in the presentation.  We would love to see you getting involved!

Awards Evenings for Years 7 to 10 (Programme for Yrs 7, 8 l Programme for Yrs 9,10)
The awards evenings took place over two evenings: 9 July for Years 7 and 8, 10 July for Years 9 and 10. Both evenings were wonderful celebrations of students' achievements over the past academic year with prizes awarded by Faculty heads, Form teachers and Year Achievement Leaders. There were also awards for students who achieved 100% attendance over the year.

Year 9 choir
Year 9 GCSE music students performed as a choir on both evenings

Year 10 assembly flashmob performance


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Calder High hosts the Anne Frank Exhibition

From 2 to 12 July, ‘Anne Frank – A History for Today’ will be on display in the LRC at Calder High School. We were successful in bidding to hold the exhibition and are one of a select few schools in West Yorkshire and Humberside to be awarded the opportunity to do so.

On Monday 1 July, a number of our students will be trained as Ambassadors for the exhibition and will act as guides to show people around. All year 7 and 8 pupils in the school will have the chance to have a guided tour of the exhibition, as well as year 9, 10 and Sixth Form RS and History students. Local primary schools have also been invited bookings have been taken so far for Burnley Road Academy, Scout Road Academy, Luddenden Dene and Riverside.

On 3 July, parents attending the Year 6 into 7 Transition evening will have a chance to see the exhibition. And on 10 July, it will be open to the community from 4:00pm to 6:30pm. Posters will be going up in the community to advertise the event.

Mrs Jan Healey, Director of Social Engagement, said, “We are very proud to be involved with the work of the Anne Frank Trust and are delighted that we have been chosen to host the exhibition.”

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Display of student work
and Free Family Fun Day on 6 July
Student display work
Calder High Textiles and Art work has been selected to be displayed at Manchester School of Art exhibition. Schools from across the Northwest can submit work to be exhibited. All of our submissions were successful in being selected for the exhibition. The following students have work displayed at the event until Saturday 6 th July. Kelsey Dixon, Harriet Thorpe, Beth Uttley, Wilf Dessent
and Sadie Pinell.

The Manchester School of Art at the Manchester Metropolitan University is holding a free Family Fun Day on Saturday 6 July with lots of workshops and activities including film making and participatory quilting.

Student display work Student display work Student display work

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Art & Design Exhibition

Art & Design work Art & Design work Art & Design work

Talented young artists from Calder High School have demonstrated their creativity and high quality artistic skills this term. They have worked exceptionally hard to produce original and exciting artwork. We are very proud to have worked with such vibrant and enthusiastic students and wish them every success in the future. Their achievements have been celebrated with an exhibition of work in Tec8 and EA3. Parents of Art and Design students are invited to visit the exhibition on Wednesday 3 July between 4pm and 6pm in Tec8 . We look forward to seeing you there.

Year 7 Art & Design work
Year 7 Art and Design students have produced fantastic colourful collages inspired by the artist Henri Matisse. They have all used pattern and bright colours to produce individual responses. The following students worked particularly well to produce quality results; Nick Trigg, Hamid Azizi, Taiba Dower, Afifah Hussain, Hafsah Sajid, Tenzin Gylapo, Bethany Neale and Ella Teague. A selection of their work is displayed in Tec9.

By Miss A Brook, Technology Teacher

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Year 11 Leavers' Assembly: 24 May 2013

Leavers' shirt signing Leavers' shirt signing Leavers' shirt signing

Year 11 had a chance to say goodbye to their form tutors during the morning form time and then gathered in the diner for breakfast and shirt signing. Then it was time for the final assembly orchestrated by Mr Lumb and Mrs Clay. The assembly was a celebration of the year group's last five years at Calder High. As well as the traditional Little Miss and Mr Men awards, there were speeches from Mr Leicester, Interim Headteacher and Mrs Hindle, Year 7 Year Achievement Leader. We wish them well for their exams!

Shirt signing in the diner Final assembly
Final assembly Mr Leicester addresses the group

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Maths Celebration Event: 22 April 2013

Maths Celebration Maths Celebration

After Calder High School’s previous excellent results, staff were overjoyed and proud of the students for achieving such impressive grades and again this term they were blown away as the student pass rate increased to 76.5%. This is the highest pass rate Calder High students have achieved so far and there is still a term to go where the remaining students can work hard towards their grade A*-C.

As a reward for their consistent hard work, the Maths faculty threw a lunchtime party complete with lots of food and cake for students to sit with friends and be proud of their achievement! There was a raffle drawn where everyone had the chance to receive free entry to the Year 11 Prom and there were ten lucky winners including Hannah Menzies from 11YA who commented, “I never thought I would be able to pass maths, let alone achieve a B grade! Thanks to the excellent teachers at Calder High, I conquered my algebra fear!! And winning free entry to prom was the cherry on top of the cake!”
Maths Celebration: raffle winners with Mr M Harwood, acting head of Maths
A very well done to everyone who has passed in maths and good luck to everyone still trying…you can do it!

By Eve Wagster and Colette Sheard,11YA

English Language Revision Conference

Forty Year 11 students travelled to Stockport Town Hall on Friday 15 March to listen to presentations from senior examiners focused on attaining the best possible grade in the crucial English Language examination. The day consisted of advice on how to gain the highest marks in each question on the examination paper and gave them opportunities to practise the skills discussed.

The presentations were interspersed with sketches from an improvisation comedy team and quizzes involving the students. The behaviour of all our students was absolutely outstanding and they were a credit to the school. We hope the advice presented will help the students gain the best possible result in the summer examination.

To help prepare students for the examination on Tuesday 4 June revision sessions will take place during the Easter holidays on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 April; also on Tuesday 7 May 7 from a senior examiner and then a final chance during the summer half term holiday on Friday 31 May. For further details please contact Mr Howard at school.

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Linguistics Club
By Tom Bull and Isaac Carstensen
We are both involved in Calder High’s ‘Linguistics Club’. This was, at first, a club dedicated to the ‘Linguistics Olympiad’, which is a competition for schools based around the structure and the understanding of different languages (even ‘Yoda Speak’!)

But now, the lunchtime club has progressed from this, and it is now not only about the Olympiad, but for the joy and the fun of understanding different languages, and how they work. The languages that we learn range from common Welsh, to Haitian, and even Arabic. Some of which, we find moderately simple, however, others we find to be more challenging, and complex.

Before the half- term, we did the test to determine whether students from Calder High would be entered for the Olympiad, and we are still awaiting results! However, the club doesn’t just feel like an optional lunchtime activity anymore, it feels more like an ‘add –on’ to the languages that we already engage in at Calder High (even with a teacher of common languages, Mrs. Warwick) and we don’t think we’ll be alone in saying that it is extremely enjoyable, and is fantastic for the budding young linguist!
Linguistics Club

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Chefs of the Future
Eight of our students spent a day at the cooking school at Dean Clough joined by eight students from Halifax High. They enjoyed a brilliant day, behaving impecably throughout and were a real credit to Calder High School.

The day began with learning about a range of knife skills and progressing to making minestrone soup. They then made filo pastry parcels stuffed with cod, carrot and leek. Finally they watched a demonstration of how to make tarte au citroen and meringue.
Eating their products
By 1:00pm the students were starving and fell on their fish parcels served with a mixed salad. The tarte also proved to be very popular. They all returned to school clutching their sample of minestrone soup.

The next stage of the adventure is when the group return, where four at a time will be able to put their skills to practice doing a full service at the Viaduct Café.  They will be preparing cooking and serving food for paying customers working directly with qualified chefs and apprentices at the cooking school.

Cooking School Cooking School

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Year 7 meet a Norman knight

Mr Wilcock demonstrates a Norman knight's armour and weaponsYear 7 study the Norman Conquest as part of the 1066-1500 curriculum. In order that students could see what fighting was like in 1066, all lessons were visited by Mr G Wilcock who brought in his replica weapons and armour.

Students were given a talk about the various ranks of the Norman and Saxon armies and were introduced to the weapons and tactics that they used. Students were taught the difference about the shape of the Norman and Saxon shields and why this was so, students also found out about why the Norman army was, perhaps, better prepared than the Saxons. Students also learnt about the darker side of medieval warfare and what tactics each side used to attack their opponents. Students were then allowed to have a closer look at the weapons and feel the weight of the armour.


Archaeology workshop
Selected Year 7s were invited to attend an archaeology workshop run by experienced archaeologist, Pippa Rochford of Kidz Digz, who worked as a field archaeologist and researcher on Channel 4’s Time Team. The aim of the workshop was to introduce students to archaeology and to give them a fun and hands-on experience.
In the activity students were given a dig tray with hidden artefacts that, in some cases, Pippa had found herself. They then had to unearth them using their trowels and brushes and to correctly identify the time period to which the item belonged applying what they’d learnt.

Find of the Month
by Richard Vile and Max Holmes

On the 13th February part of year 7 were involved in a fascinating archaeology workshop. Entering the room with curiosity and enthusiasm, eager to find out what we were going to do…..we found ourselves sat in front of a big box, filled with tiny pieces of rubber! Digging up exciting objects from the past, such as coins, pottery, bones and many other things from different time periods. Shortly after we filled in a booklet answering all the questions involving the artefacts we found! This was a great experience, a great way to learn and having fun. An extraordinary lesson we will not forget.

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Maths in Medicine

Maths in Medicine Maths in Medicine Maths in Medicine

Early in December 2012, a doctor visited some year 9, 10 and 11 students. Dr Mel Anderson is a graduate from the University of Leeds, and she came in to talk about how maths is used in Medicine. Students were given tasks to participate in, giving them an insight into the specific methods of maths used, and in which situations to use them. For example, we were shown how to determine someone’s responsiveness by using the Glasgow coma scale (GCS). We also learnt how to calculate the amount of medicine a patient needs depending on other factors, such as if they had already taken medication previously or how severe their pain is.

Overall, we believe that this was very beneficial for students because we got an understanding of how maths is used in many different professions, specifically medicine. This experience has shown me that medicine is a very interesting profession and that I may want to study it when I am older.

Lastly, we would like to say a big thank you to Doctor Mel for taking her time to come and visit us at Calder High School.

By Lauren Best and Amy Harris

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Science: Work Related Report interviews
Work Related Report interviews
On Monday 26 November, Year 11 Additional Applied Science students at Calder High School had the chance to meet and interview 13 people within the Health Care Sector from our local community. This task was for students to collect primary research about particular roles such as midwifery, mountain rescue and pharmacy in order to complete a Work Related Report which contributes significantly to their overall Additional Applied Science GCSE.

The students asked some interesting and well thought out questions and were keen to see the routes of progression for particular roles from GCSE grades to Post Graduate Degrees. The pupils were a credit to Calder High School and Calder High School.

Comments from students:
“I found it very interesting to interview people within the medical profession, it gave me a lot of information about their roles. I enjoyed it very much because the people were very helpful and nice.”

“The Work Related report interviews were an eye-opener to how much people dedicate themselves to their jobs, the comments that they gave were full of detail.”

“The interviews were interesting and helpful. It was a fun way to learn. Thank you to all of the people involved.”

“I found the Work Related Report Interviews really good. Although science isn’t my strong point I found these interviews like real life. It was a real pleasure to be there, I learnt a lot.”

Work Related Report interviews Work Related Report interviews

Karen Darke: “Boundless” Inspiration
Karen Darke, British paralympic cyclist, adventurer, author and ex-Calder High School student, visited us on Wednesday 21 November.  Having contacted Karen earlier in the year we were delighted when she said that she would be in the Valley this week and could manage to spare us a couple of hours before travelling home to Scotland. Year 8 students were lucky enough to be on the assembly rota on Wednesday and were treated to an inspirational address by Karen. Many of the staff who were also available at the time joined the assembly to listen to Karen including Mrs Cotton who taught her.

Karen talks about her injury  Karen explains her journey to reach London 2012 as a competitor Karen with Mrs Cotton and her silver medal from London 2012

Mr Leicester, Interim Headteacher, first started at Calder High as Karen was finishing her studies in Calder Sixth Form. “Karen is an amazing athlete and we are very proud of all her achievements. We appreciate the time she has taken out of her busy schedule to come in and talk to and inspire our students”

Karen won silver at the 2012 London Paralympics in the women’s road time trial H1-2.  

Year 7 were also invited to the Ted Hughes Theatre to listen to Karen where she explained to them what had happened to her and how she overcame the initial depression following her accident to take part in marathons, triathlons, kayaking, sit-skiing and hand-cycling.

'Road to Rio' collection starts here!
As part of our developing Student Voice, the Community Action sub-group of the Student Council took this opportunity to launch “Road to Rio”.  Over the next four years we intend to raise at least £2016 for Karen in the hope that we will see her competing in the Rio Olympics in 2016. Each year group has a fundraising bucket and all students are encouraged to bring their 5p pieces in to put into the bucket. Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron from the Technology Faculty have been commissioned to make a huge fundraising thermometer so that we can monitor how much is being raised each half term. If you would like to contribute please send your 5p pieces to Student Voice, Calder High School.

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Lost Property:

  1. All found items should be handed in to Student Services or PE
  1. If an item is named the staff will contact the student and let them know their property has been found
  1. If an item is not named it will be placed in the Lost Property storage areas in Student Services and PE
  1. Students wishing to look for lost property should ask at Student Services or PE
  1. Once each Half Term the Lost Property is brought out at 15:00 into a classroom and students invited to come and look through for missing items
  1. At the end of each Term (December, March/April, July) the items are sorted as follows:
    • Damaged/worn/torn items disposed off
    • Good quality items donated to charity/Great Generation projects
    • Items of school uniform in good quality washed and stored for school use

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